Theater and Dance

All of our courses include theater training.Students apply, from the foundation of their dance education, a synthesis of the two Methods. The Flora Albaicín Method awarded the National Flamenco Award and the study of the Lee Strasberg Method, which follows the steps of the New York Actors Studio on which we base ourselves to carry out research projects.

When presenting a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Chicago in 2010, the writer thanked publicly two artists for her inspiration: Michael Caine and Flora Albaicín.

The fact that theater and flamenco coincide is no coincidence. Flamenco, expressive and complex, in its classic trinity of singing, dancing and guitar, encompasses a rich repertoire of expression which we developed from the very beginning, applying our experience and knowledge of New York Actors Studio.

Having Lee Strasberg as the main reference to get “a great performance through a behavior strictly subject to the elements of rhythm and musical structure.”

Expression phenomena are characterized by their extraordinary complexity directly related to the movement of the chemical energy of living matter. These phenomena are present at the nivel of psychology in dance, where emotion and activity correspond, determining the power of exteriorization of the individual.

Foto: Montse Sanjuan

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